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Answerland " Nails in the road

Until you look for yourself, you’ll think I’m crazy. The quantity of nails currently reposing on our roads, patiently awaiting your tires, defies understanding. I’ve had three flats in a year. Go for a slow bike ride and you’ll see a ton of them.

Is it anybody’s responsibility to pick them up?

The short answer is, it’s the responsibility of the person who dropped the nails.

“On state highways, if Colorado State Patrol sees someone dropping material from a vehicle, they can be ticketed,” said Peter Kozinski, area manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

But that doesn’t happen very often.

Kozinski said state road maintenance crews will go to any spot on a state-maintained highway to sweep up a cache of nails or other tire-puncturing stuff if someone calls. But, he said, someone has to call. The number of the Eagle office is 328-6385.

And, Kozinski said, state crews won’t sweep up town streets or county roads. Those are the responsibility of towns and the county.

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