Answerland: Plane still on I-70? |

Answerland: Plane still on I-70?

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

Why is the plane that made an emergency landing on Interstate 70 still sitting on the dirt road in Gypsum a week later with a chain-link fence surrounding it?

David Kunkel’s Cessna 340 should be moved with a K-MAX helicopter and taken to Eagle County Airport Thursday, said Doug Morrow, vice president of Greeley-based Beegles Aircraft Service. It was supposed to be removed Wednesday, but the helicopter pilot could not fly in from Montana due to bad weather, Morrow said.

The plane could have been disassembled and loaded into trailers, Morrow said. But since the airport is three miles away, it’s cheaper for a helicopter to fly it there, he said.

“If the airport were 50 miles away that would be different,” he said.

Morrow declined to reveal the cost of the operation.

The K-MAX helicopter can carry loads of up to 6,000 pounds and is used for forestry, logging, construction and agricultural work, according to

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