Answerland – Police cars left running? |

Answerland – Police cars left running?

J.K. Perry
Vail, CO Colorado

Why do police leave their patrol cars running?

In cold weather, deputies want to prevent their windows from frosting and engines from becoming cold, Eagle County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Kim Andree said.

A frosted windshield slows deputies if they must defrost the glass before responding to a call and lack of vision can make driving dangerous for deputies and citizens, Andree said.

A cold engine prevents the car from properly accelerating, she said. Deputies rarely leave their cars running in the summer, unless a dog is inside and must be kept cool with air conditioning.

The doors are locked while the cars run. The burning of fuel for safety is a tradeoff, Andree said.

“It’s an efficient use of fuel when you consider the safety of the community comes before the cost of fuel,” she said.

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