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Answerland " Post office potholes

Nicole Frey

Why has the very large pothole at the Avon Post Office not been filled?

The Vail Daily got in touch with Edwards Post Office Postmaster Dave Ruechel who was filling in at the Avon branch. Ruechel said work on the post office’s parking lot has been approved by the post office’s facility office in Denver.

However, because of other post office-related emergencies around the state, the work has been delayed.

“It’s on the queue, but there’s no definite date yet,” Ruechel said. “But it’s definitely on the hot list. It’s a work in progress.”

When crews arrive, they’ll do more than fill potholes in the parking lot. They’ll be tearing up the asphalt near the snorkel boxes and replacing it with concrete, working on the sidewalks and making other improvements to the parking lot.

“It’s taking a little longer because now it’s more of a major project than just a quick fix,” Ruechel said.

While access to the drive up snorkel boxes may be limited for some time, Ruechel said the post office would try to do the work during less busy times , like during the weekend.

Because the post office is part of the federal government, the town of Avon has no jurisdiction of the condition of the property.

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