Answerland: Snowcats & ski patrol |

Answerland: Snowcats & ski patrol

Edward StonerVail, CO Colorado

How long are the snowcats out at night?

Vail Mountain has two 10-hour shifts for its groomers each night, said spokeswoman Jen Brown. Workers on each shift spend about eight and a half hours on the snow per shift, she said. Vail grooms 1,300-1,600 acres each night, Brown said.

How many snowcats does Vail have?

Vail Mountain has 29 grooming vehicles, Brown said.

Does Ski Patrol ski every trail at the end of the day to make sure that everyone is off?

Yes, Brown said.

What is the salary of a person that drives a snowcat? Do they get to ski for free?

Brown declined to say how much snowcat drivers make. They do get a ski pass, she said.

Is a majority of ski patrol better skiers than ski instructors?

Theyre all pros, Brown said.

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