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Answerland – Streamside Circle

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Q: I’d like to mention the recent road repair on Streamside Circle West in East Vail. The asphalt looks great, but right in the center of the area where the worst potholes used to be is a low spot that catches all the melted snow into a pool instead of draining off to the sides of the street. This will certainly lead to freezing-thawing and rapid formation of new potholes before this winter is half over. Can you get the people responsible to check and repair this? A: Vail Public Works Director Greg Hall said the recent work on Streamside Circle West was a temporary repair because plows would have ripped up the existing potholes. This time of year, crews work to smooth out problem areas that could be worsened by snow plows. Hall said it stays so cold in East Vail during the winter that freezing-thawing isn’t a significant concern until spring. He also said the street is a low-volume, low-speed road. There’s money in the budget four years from now to do significant road reconstruction that could permanently solve the problems on the street, he said.E.S.The reporters at the Vail Daily will do their level best to find answers to questions you might have about life in our fair valley. E-mail your questions to, and we’ll get right on it.

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