Answerland " Where’s the 8,150-foot point? |

Answerland " Where’s the 8,150-foot point?

Can you tell us exactly where in the town of Vail is the official “Elevation 8150” above sea level is measured from?

Gore Creek is 8,150 feet above sea level just a few feet east of International Bridge in Vail Village. Other spots in Vail are exactly 8,150 feet above sea level, including Dobson Arena and the southwest corner of the Lionshead parking structure.

It’s unclear how Vail got 8,150 feet as its generally accepted elevation, and from exactly what spot that measurement was derived. Steve Rieter, a geographer with the U.S. Geological Survey, said he isn’t aware of any official elevations for towns. The USGS’s Board on Geographic Names lists Vail’s unofficial elevation as 8,189 feet.

“I think 8,150 sounds better,” Rieter said.

Dick Hauserman, one of the founders of Vail, said the bottom of the gondola during Vail Mountain’s first ski season was at 8,200 feet. He wasn’t sure where 8,150 came from.

“That had to be a guess,” he said.

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