Answerland: Where’s the grass roof? |

Answerland: Where’s the grass roof?

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

What happened to the sod roof at Traer Creek Plaza?

Indeed, the eco-friendly roof at Traer Creek Plaza isn’t looking so hot. The roof is made of sedum sod, a bean-sprout like plant that is usually easy to maintain. The roof is designed to capture storm water that would otherwise spill into local streams, insulate the building, lower energy use and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

However, the irrigation system hasn’t been able to keep the sod roots moist in the high altitude sun and dry west winds, which is why you’ve been seeing brown instead of green. A new irrigation system is being tested on the southeast section of the roof and is working so far, said Traer Creek spokesman Dan Christopherson.

The improved irrigation techniques will be applied on the remainder of the roof in the 2008 growing season.

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