Answerland – Wolcott post office flag? |

Answerland – Wolcott post office flag?

Why is there not a U.S. flag flying at the Wolcott Post Office? I thought it was a law that all federal buildings fly the flag.

Wolcott Postmaster Diane Bakken can’t win. She said she got complaints about the last flag she put up because it was torn up by the wind.

“With the way the wind’s been, I’ll put one out and it’ll be ripped within a week,” she said.

So Bakken puts up flags as she can, and as the post office’s budget allows. She gets hand-me-downs from the Eagle Springs golf course once in a while, and has a new flag ready to go now. But she isn’t encouraged about the prospects for the new Old Glory.

“I’m looking at it now and there’s already a frayed spot in it,” she said.

Vail, Colorado

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