Anti-smoking youth group keeps active |

Anti-smoking youth group keeps active

Special to the Daily Members of Eagle County's anti-smoking youth group met recently with Eagle County's commissioners to show support for a ban on smoking in public places.

Nine kids who are member of Tobacoff GetR!EAL – Eagle County’s youth-led campaign against cigarette advertising – met recently with Eagle County Commissioners to show support for a ban on smoking in public places. “If my family and I go out to eat and it’s an establishment that allows smoking, then my family and I have to breath that smoke whether we like it or not,” said Erika, the groups treasurer. Through an agreement with parents, the last names of members of the youth group are withheld from the media. Commissioners Peter Runyon and Tom Stone talked about friends or family members sickened by smoking.

Tobaccoff GetR!EAL, sponsored through The Resource Center of Eagle County, has been active for five years. “This group takes this very seriously,” said Scott Smith, adult sponsor to the group. “It’s not something they’re doing to fill the time – they know they’re making big changes. They’re a powerful voice, and their peers take them seriously.”At the meeting, the commissioners talking about asking voters in November to endorse a smoking ban. If voters said “yes,” the commissioners could then write a law banning smoking indoors in public places.

The commissioners also encouraged the kids to continue their anti-smoking campaign, Smith said. Also this year, the group visited three Eagle County middle schools to talk about smoking and made an appearance at Eagle ice rink. For more information Tobaccoff GetR!EAL, The Resource Center of Eagle County or Buddy Mentors, call 949-7097.

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