Anti-smoking youths laud local bar and grill |

Anti-smoking youths laud local bar and grill

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Special to the Daily An Eagle County anti-smoking youth group visited Paddy's in Eagle-Vail recently to commend the Eagle-Vail bar and grill for prohibiting smoking during dining hours.

Tobacc-off, a youth-led anti-tobacco advertising coalition, recently visited Paddy’s to thank the Eagle-Vail bar and grill for no longer allowing smoking during dining hours. The group – part of Colorado’s GetR!eal campaign, which stands for Resist! Expose Advertising Lies – ate pizza and burgers, while attracting attention with their ‘Thank you Paddy’s!’ sign. “This is a big step towards smoke-free public dining in Eagle County”, said adult sponsor Scott Smith. “These kids are getting the message out – they are watching big tobacco and they are watching who supports and who doesn’t support big tobacco.”

GetR!eal is a statewide anti-smoking youth movement, and is supported by the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership of Colorado. “For years, the tobacco industry has been targeting young people with slick advertising campaigns designed to promote images that entice young people to start smoking and chewing,” Smith says. “Tobacc-off, and similar coalitions across the state, act as local youth coalitions that educate other youth about tobacco industry marketing and advertising techniques targeted towards youth.” The group handles all of the recruitment, marketing, and planning and implementation of activities, as well as coalition leadership, he said. “This is great for the community, great for the youth in the program, and great for the youth they educate. It’s win, win, win”, says Smith.The tobacco industry spends more than $2 million promoting its products in Colorado each week, Smith says.

“Young people are particularly susceptible to these promotions,” Smith says. “Each year, 10,800 Coloradans under the age of 18 become daily smokers. In addition, kids everywhere are unknowing recipients of second-hand smoke.” Restaurants that allow smoking while kids are dining is a prime example, he says.Second-hand smoke contains nearly 5,000 chemical compounds, including arsenic, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, as well as radioactive elements. Like asbestos, it has been classified as a “Class A” carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.==========================================

Non-smokingTo learn more about the Eagle County GetR!eal youth coalition, call Scott Smith at The Buddies Program at (970)949-7097.==========================================

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