Antique show today in Breckenridge |

Antique show today in Breckenridge

Leslie Brefeld
Special to the Daily

BRECKENRIDGE – Purchasing an antique is like buying an investment you can wear or use in your home as opposed to putting in a bank vault, according to the organizer of this weekend’s antique show in Breckenridge, Ginny Harbold.”It’s a great thing for young people,” she said. “These things are investments – they’re handmade or solid wood. There’s a value we don’t have in our disposable world now. These things were meant to last,” she said.Antiques (for furniture this is a piece more than 100 years old, for glass it’s 50 years) and collectibles (items from past eras) will be available at the tented show. Harbold listed state silver, jewelry, textiles, blouses, a variety of art prints and other types of art as some of what can be expected at the show.

Harbold also said the antique dealers at the event are a good source of information about their specialties.”They come from different backgrounds, but the thing they all have in common is their love of history,” she said. “They like talking about the things they’re specialists in.”

Vail, Colorado

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