Any grownups to be found? |

Any grownups to be found?

Don Rogers

Oh, knock it off.

Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone should not be booted from the Colorado River Water Conservation District Board for having the “wrong” views about a state referendum. That’s ridiculous.

And Stone is equally ridiculous sounding off with anti-Vail Resorts riffs in response to members of the local authority boards who want to see Stone go.

Are there any grownups left around here? Sheesh. This dust-up is petty on all sides, and no doubt there’s some ill will beneath, calling up all this bile.

Referendum A, which would have authorized $2 billion in revenue bonds for water projects statewide, was a flawed measure that voters rightfully turned down, in our view. But since when does holding a position different than the majority provide grounds for removing a board member in mid-term?

Let’s save such draconian steps for public servants caught taking bribes or engaging in something as serious. Sorry, favoring a ballot measure or having a different idea about a water issue doesn’t come close to qualifying. Last we looked, a Taliban wasn’t running the show.

As for Stone, geez. What happened to rising above the fray? Accusing the local water authorities of being dupes of the big gorilla – or big scapegoat, take your pick – might be satisfying, but it’s also juvenile. It sure ain’t trying to be “part of the solution.”

If this really is the level of maturity the water boards and commissioner can muster, maybe none of them is quite fit for the grownup roles the people of Eagle County have entrusted to them. The local water boards even have trouble playing well with each other, it seems.

No wonder Colorado remains vulnerable to drought. Where have all the statesmen gone?

Act of giving

Here’s something fitting for Thanksgiving: Citizens will meet at 11 a.m. Thursday at Eagle Town Park and go on a one-mile prayer walk.

Participants are each asked to bring a can of food to help stock the local Salvation Army pantry. Organizers will also accept contributions to purchase maize and milk for desperately hungry families in Tanzania.

In this land of incredible abundance, it’s a blessing that neighbors will come together and share some of their good fortune with folks in need across the sea.

That sort of generosity is not entirely unlike that shown by the American natives to a struggling set of “illegals” from Great Britain. Anyway, the event was put together by local churches and the Eagle Valley Chamber of Commerce. Good job.

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