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Apartment undone in Avon

J.K. Perry

AVON ” A man discovered his girlfriend’s Avon residence in shambles when he arrived there late on Aug. 31, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The front door was not damaged and apparently unlocked, the report said.

In the living room, two golf bags were tipped over, a ceiling light bulb was broken and a rubber container sat upended with the lid off. Movies and clothes were scattered about. Broken glass from beer bottles and food containers rested on the floor and countertops in the kitchen, where a closet door was knocked off its hinges.

Nothing was missing, except for a hammer suspected of being used to punch several holes in the drywall, the report said.

The man left the residence earlier in the morning and his girlfriend left at 7:15 p.m. The two had not seen their roommate the previous day and didn’t think she was home. Upon further inspection, the girlfriend looked in her flat mate’s room and found her sleeping.

The girl got up and explained she came home from work earlier in the evening after some drinking and fallen asleep shortly thereafter, the report said. She had no idea who wrecked the residence, the report said.

Both the man and girlfriend said their roommate didn’t do it, although the man didn’t think the roommate normally drank.

The roommate ended up getting busted for an unrelated incident, according to the Sheriff’s Office report. Deputies arrested her after they found she had a warrant in Vail.

AVON ” A woman’s taxi was bombarded while she drove down U.S. Highway 6 in Avon, according to a Sheriff’s report.

One paintball hit the hood, while the other two blasted the passenger side doors, but none of the direct hits caused damage, the report said.

The woman suspected if her windows were down, she would have been hit by one the paintballs, the report said.

Deputies searched the area to no avail.

An employer cried foul Aug. 2 when some insulation went missing, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s report.

A worker told the employer he took 24 bags of insulation for a side job, where the bags were recovered, the report said. But the employer insisted the worker took more, the report said.

When deputies confronted the worker, he admitted to only taking the 24 bags, the report said.

The deputies asked the worker for identification, which he carefully looked for in his wallet. The worker produced an employee identification card, but he said he didn’t have any additional identification, the report said.

The deputy searched through the worker’s wallet, where he found a Mexican ID with a name different than what was on the first ID, the report said.

The worker claimed to have used the second name to get insurance on his car, the report said.

Upon further review, the deputy found a clear plastic bag with some white powder, which turned out to be .07 grams of cocaine, the report said.

The man admitted the substance was cocaine, and he was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the report said.

GYPSUM ” Six-hundred feet of copper electrical cable valued at $2,000 and used to power the area around a Gypsum construction site disappeared sometime around Aug. 1, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The cable was cut at two distant ends and gathered at the central point, the report said.

The person who reported the theft estimated it would have taken an hour to gather the cable, and that it would take nine hours to re-run the cable at a cost of $1,500, the report said. The theft also cost $975 in lost labor, the report said.

The person speculated the copper cable might have been sold for scrap because the price of copper is so high, the report said.

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