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Apology for any unintended offense

Steve Pope

Sometimes jokes do not have the same humorous character in the light of day that they have in our minds eye when we conceive them. Most often we catch them before we speak, or in the case of this newspaper, before we put them in print. Unfortunately, it is difficult to take the words back once they become public. While an insensitive comment might not have carried intentional malice, once the words escape the damage is done, intent or not. In our April 1 edition of the Vail Daily, we made one of those mistakes that are hard to take back. As part of our annual April Fool’s spoof we wrote and then printed two letters containing disparaging comments about Hispanic residents in our community. Our intent was good. We intended to point out the absurdity of folks who pile blame for various ills in our community upon the Hispanic community. As a newspaper we do not share this foolish opinion. We strongly believe that all portions of our community play necessary and valuable roles in weaving the great community fabric we all wrap ourselves in when we proudly tell others we live in the Vail Valley. Unfortunately, our attempt at using humor to point out the foolishness of those with closed minds did not come across well in print. While there might have been humor in our fake letters, the humor was taken at the expense of those not deserving being made fun of, even if the jest was a fake. While we have not had any complaints from readers in the Vail Valley, we feel it is necessary to point out our mistake and apologize for any unintended slight. Publisher Steven K. Pope can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 300, or at publisher@vaildaily.comVail, Colorado

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