Appalled at Avon |

Appalled at Avon

Gina Carbone

I do not rake in the cash like Mr. Lindholm does. But I’m happy to say the little money I do make comes without feeding off my greed and denying to protect quality of life like Mr. Lindholm. I must ask, at what price in the long run is it worth to save a couple of bucks in the short term? Lindholm’s rationale is ridiculous and those that fall for it should move to Southern California.

I realize that the valley sits on I-70 and we chose to live here for convenience of the mountains and luxuries of getting in and out of the valley easily, but a line has to be drawn. I hope it can be drawn before any more of this (absentee) developer’s dream to suburbanize the valley moves any further.

I beg of the people of Avon and the surrounding areas to look at this developer’s master plan and really think this through. If you are annoyed now, things are going to be getting worse. Learn from the mistakes here and teach the future to be different.

We are beyond the carrying capacity as it stands. This will take it over the top and bring with it the problems that plagued so many cities. It is time to be smart and stop thinking about oneself and start thinking about the effect our actions have on our neighbors. I do hope Mr. Lindholm is the last of the Me Generation.

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