Apples to apples |

Apples to apples

The courts will settle this question, of course.Some critics believe the five acres of national forest at the edge of Vail Village are worth far more than the $5 million the Forest Service has appraised them in a trade for 610 acres of wetlands near Yeoman Park in the forest south of Eagle and Game Creek Bowl.Fair enough. The key piece of Vail’s “Front Door” is worth a lot when built. But so are those acres in the forest, which as private land in theory could be developed into something at least as pricey by the same standards.The trade, comparing land to land, represents that quintessential win-win deal for Vail Resorts and the Forest Service. Whatever one piece is valued at, the other is equal to it. Value the Front Door at developed real estate speculation? Well, do the same with Vassar Meadows and Game Creek Bowl, then. It still works out to a good agreement for the public and for Vail.That’s the reality of it.Measure of what?The school district’s third-graders didn’t fare so well on their annual state reading assessment test.Why? Not to pile on, but the Spanish-speaking children do not read English so well. Duh.The English-speaking kids outperformed the state norm, but the district is judged ultimately by all the students, however fairly or unfairly. The ratio of Spanish speakers to English speakers tells all. Vail, Colorado

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