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APRIL FOOL’S " Affordable real estate in Eagle County!

This Asian-themed shed adds a touch of class to any storage environment. It's for sale in Beaver Creek for $455,000.

Who says real estate in Eagle County isn’t affordable? Certainly not those guys selling garages out by the airport for $100,000.

What a deal!

On the heels of that successful program, Eagle County Surreal Estate is offering a host of other options for people who gave up long ago on finding affordable property in the majestic Rockies. Due to the benevolence of some of the area’s wealthiest second-, third- and fourth-home owners, some properties have been put on the market that CANNOT BE BELIEVED!

Consider these options:

Located in the Lionshead area, this stainless steel and pine structure boasts nearly 75 square feet of truly first-class storage area, all for the laughably low price of $125,000. Suitable for boxes, tools, sports gear and other stuff, this “SHED” is surrounded by aspen trees with views of the world’s finest ski area. It’s the kind of place you’d be happy to have your stuff call home, winter or summer.

“It’s a bloody nice shed, I say.”

-Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson, Famous shed owner

Who needs 2,000 square feet of basement space in Beaver Creek? That’s what Wanda Smith Smythe-Rallye told our Surreal Estate scouts when she offered up nearly 300 square feet of basement space in her home to a lucky lessor. This “bargain basement” will rent for only $10,000 per year, with bimonthly access and complimentary use of a hand truck.

The Whittington-Randalls have an unused crawl space cum root cellar in their Greystone Lane manse. With up to 100 square feet of space (albeit in a 3-foot-wide configuration), the Greystone crawl space is ideal for those with long, thin things to store. Access is annual only, with a yearly rent of $17,500. (Compare that to a similar space we priced in Aspen recently at $48,000 and this is a real steal!)

This stand-alone unit is located in a lovely aspen grove near a brook that babbles quite nicely in non-drought years. Features 10 square feet of space in a 10-foot vertical heated space, this “CLOSET” includes full insulation, faux-Turkish carpet and a brass-chain operated overhead lighting fixture. With ready access and a subdued buff exterior, the closet is a “shoe-in” for thrifty storers at only $98,500.

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