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APRIL FOOL’s " Cacioppo named new Vail Daily publisher

EAGLE-VAIL ” In a surprise move, Colorado Mountain News Media General Manager Steve Pope has named conservative gadfly Michael Cacioppo as the new publisher of the Vail Daily.

Cacioppo, who has a loyal following of several readers in the Vail Valley, will return from Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where he has been hiding since ceasing publication of his Speakout! newspaper.

“Michael is a certified, grade-A nutbag who has a real knack for ticking people off regardless of their age, gender, political affiliation and level of patience,” Pope said. “Believe it or not, these are all great attributes for the new Vail Daily publisher.”

With a planned classified and display ad price increase of 50 percent scheduled for the second quarter of the year, Pope ” a self-proclaimed “nice guy” ” said he was stepping down as publisher in favor of someone with a “harder shell.”

“I know Michael can handle the withering abuse he’ll take as we implement these price hikes,” Pope said.

Cacioppo said in a statement that he was looking forward to the new challenge.

“My first duty will be to get rid of the liberal nut-job Matt Zalaznick,” he said. “I hear there’s a proofreader job at our weekly agricultural publication near Limon, Colorado.”

Cacioppo said he would also “relocate” managing editor Don Rogers and assistant managing editor Alex Miller, both of whom he characterized as “bad elements.”

“Rogers and Miller are perfect examples of so-called journalists who just don’t care what the people think,” Cacioppo said. “They think they’re so smart … well, we’ll see how they like the copy desk at the Greeley Tribune.”

Vail, Colorado

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