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APRIL FOOL’s Development name scrambler!

VAIL ” A tool for naming new developments has just been introduced by the Greater Eagle Evolution Development Yahoos (GREEDY), executive director I.B. Bildin said Monday.

The “Development Name Scrambler” is an advanced piece of software that enables developers to arrive at names for their new projects with “a minimum of fuss,” Bildin said.

“Many developers are so busy cookie-cutting their next phase of shoddily built, overpriced townhomes that they simply don’t have an extra minute to come up with a decent name,” he said. “The Scrambler allows them to cut to the chase.”

The premise behind the software is name pairing, Bildin said. Developers can input their own favorite names or use a pre-set list of choices. After answering a few questions about the development, they hit a “create” button and a short list of perfect names pops out.

“You look around the place, you see there’s a tree, there’s a river, maybe you see a crow flying overhead,” Bildin said. “So you put in ‘pines,’ ‘river’ and ‘eagle’ – no one wants a crow – and voila! You’ve got a name like ‘Eagle Pines River’ or ‘Piney River Preserve.'”

The program has already attracted some followers in the mountain resort areas.

“I named three subdivisions last week with it,” said Magholm Lindus, a developer with interests in a three-county area. “Took me about five minutes to come up with perfect names for all of them.”

In addition to the naming function, the Scrambler also enables developers to generate ready-made brochures, yard signs, newspaper ads and online banners with language tested to induce buyers to go to contract.

“I’ve pretty much turned my brain off now,” Lindus said. “I just drive around the county looking for pristine lands to defile with appallingly over-valued developments for locals and second-home owners alike.”

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