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April Fool’s: Kill and eat your own elk!

Chester con CarneDaily Staff HerbivoreVail, CO Colorado

BURNS – The Vail-area’s newest bloodlust-related tourist attraction started with a trip to Red Lobster.”I saw all them lobsters in the tank and thought, ‘why wouldn’t people want to pick out their own red meat?,'” rancher Sandy Doppelganger said. A year later, Kill & Grill Acres is a reality.For a large fee, Doppleganger will take guests on a guided hunt over his fenced-in 25,000-acre ranch. Depending on the customer’s tastes, he or she can bag an elk, deer, moose or yak, then have it cleaned, dressed and prepared in the ranch’s gourmet kitchen. The rest is either frozen and shipped to the customer’s home or donated to local food banks.”At first I thought it was gruesome, just awful,” said Vail Valley Central Food Bank director Kay Serasera. “But we’ve got a lot of need in this valley, we rarely get donations of meat, and man, those critters are tasty!”Hunter/diner Ferdinand Kleb said he heard about the Kill & Grill through his concierge at his Beaver Creek lodge.”I’m usually a bird hunter, but this sounded like a great adventure,” Kleb said. “The hunt was more challenging than it sounds, because the moose like to hang out in the forests when they aren’t eating at the troughs. I really knew I’d spent my money well when I had chef Roger’s yak tartare appetizer.”

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