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APRIL FOOL’S Spotlight to boost patriotism in Avon

Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

AVON – Developers of the Village at Avon are planning a companion piece to the oversized American flag unveiled in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and The Home Depot last summer. A bank of red, white and blue industrial-sized spotlights surrounding the flag will be activated this July 4 and thereafter remain permanently pointed at the sky 24 hours a day, said Maj. Shaquille Swank (ret.), a lighting expert for the Veterans of Foreign Wars who’s working with the developer. “You’ll be able to support the troops just by looking up,” Swank said. “When you’re walking your dog and it stops to poop, instead of letting your mind wander you can be thinking, ‘God Bless America.'” Reacting to criticism that the spotlights would create toxic levels of light pollution, Hugsy O’Halloran, co-chairwoman of the Eagle River Republicans, said anyone with the gall to mention the issue “is clearly a wannabe suicide bomber who hates America and wants our soldiers to die.””These lights will be bright enough to prove to people in other states, in other galaxies, how patriotic our beautiful valley is,” she said. Tom Boyd, editor of Vail Trail, writes in the Feb. 20 edition of his weekly paper that technology exists to minimize the glare from the massive spotlights and thus concerns about light pollution may be overblown.Perhaps, but neither this reporter nor anybody he knows read that article. Vail, Colorado

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