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APRIL FOOL’S: Vail’s ‘naked skier’ to recreate mishap

Milton Wadhams
Vail Daily Stapler Maintenance Supervisor
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” You’ve heard of the face that launched a thousands ships? This could be the butt that launched a thousand summer vacations to Vail, Colorado.

Hoping to capitalize off the worldwide publicity Vail Mountain got when a skier was caught hanging upside-down and pants-less from a chairlift this winter, resort and town officials have retained the man to recreate his accident at several special events this summer.

The skier, Ingo McSpackle, of Peach Bottom, Va., said once he got over the humiliation from the hysterical attention his mishap received, he realized it was time to turn the other cheek and “get paid.”

“If this had happened to anyone else I would have laughed my ass off, excuse my French,” McSpackle said.

McSpackle has been training with local carnies to perfect the fall in which he attempts to board a chairlift, flips up the seat with his rear, snags his pants on the foot rest and falls upside down.

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He said he’s increased his “dangle-time” to 20 minutes before he passes out ” that’s nearly three times as long as he hung above Vail Mountain this winter.

So far, McSpackle is scheduled by the Vail Valley Marketing Partnership to perform at the Vail film festival, the Teva Games, during a New York Philharmonic performance and at Oktoberfest.

Vail Valley Marketing Partnership spokeswoman Pernilla Twinkle said while the organization is honored to work many such esteemed performers like McSpackle, his appearance shouldn’t overshadow the multi-pronged strategy on which the VVMP has embarked to ensure the resort’s guests are exposed to a variety of entertainment experiences.

“What we’re really talking about is instilling brand loyalty into our guests with every visit and therefore,” Twinkle said, “helping them to make the decision several times this summer to come back.”

“Hell yeah that dude’s got back!” added Travis “T-Dawg,” Flugleheimer, a Vail Mountain employee who was near the chairlift when McSpackle had his accident. “That’s the most awesome thing that happened all winter “-I mean how exciting do you think operating a chairlift is.

“Don’t tell VR, but a bunch of us have been hanging upside-down off the lifts without our pants after the mountain clothes ” we had like 12 chairs in a row with a dude hanging off it.

“Just search for Blue Sky Butts on YouTube.”

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