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April Fool’s: What’s left of Lionshead Rock renamed Lionsbutt

Mika Microfono
Now that the big rock near Minturn looks more like the part of the lion that doesn't eat, it might not be as attractive to picnickers as it once was.

MINTURN — A longtime Vail Valley landmark has been renamed after a colossal rock slide permanently changed the face of a large rock that once towered over the town of Minturn.

The rock, which once resembled a lion’s head poking out from the hillside, now looks strangely like the back end of a large feline, only without much of a tail. As the spring thaw sets in, some locals even commented that the smaller rocks that shower down intermittently from the cliffs looks strangely like … poop.

U.S. Forest Service officials said the name change — to Lionsbutt — will have to be submitted by an agency-approved citizens’ committee, then will have to go through an approval process which includes 25 reviews, a study and bill that will need to be signed by the president.

“I’m sure the change will be approved,” said Forest Service spokesperson Betty Granola. “It shouldn’t take more than four or five years.”

However, among the populace, the new name has already taken hold.

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Town of Minturn representatives said they are worried the little historic mining town will be the “butt of jokes” and that “comparisons to being a litter box are inevitable.”

“We’ve already had to deal with a number of tourists hiking up there to take photos mooning the camera while on the rock,” said Minturn Mayor Harry Bunz.

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