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Editor’s note: What would this valley be without all the cozy, fireside lounges which give us repast from the hectic, everyday world? When the day is done, we like to get out and share a toast with some of our friends, and listen to the quality music that fills the evening with Vail magic. As a celebration of the valley’s finer side, we’ve given our own Emily Taylor the dulcet duty of keeping tabs on our valley’s elegant lifestyle. If you see her, say “hello” and share a toast with us as we salute our mountain living.– TBOne of the really unique things about Vail is that we don’t just have one scene every day, but two. We’ve got the aprs ski scene, and then we’ve got the dinner crowd. Where else besides a ski town can you sport two completely different looks all in one night? Coat checks are filled with ski jackets and wool hats during aprs ski, and they’re quickly replaced by mink coats during the dinner hour.Due to the duality of our small town, I was faced with a daunting problem: which scene should I choose to haunt? After much deliberation, I chose to attend “mink hour” at the Fireside Bar at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa in West Vail.Happy to be sitting at the bar next to the minks, I decided to start the night off with a recommendation from bartender David Kelly: the Espresso Martini. Martini in hand, I scoped the scene and listened to Pat Hamilton on guitar.Pat was a one-woman act that evening, playing acoustic folk songs and taking requests for all sorts of covers. As my martini neared its sorry death, I decided to make friends with some doctors enjoying a cocktail by the fire. In town from Springfield, Ill., they were attending an orthopedic surgeons’ convention at the resort. After snapping their picture and hearing about their day on the slopes (and how they love Pat Hamilton), I turned my attention back to the bar to refill that empty glass with a Pink Lemonade (Stoli Raspberry, lemonade and a splash of cranberry).Verdict? Mink hour was definitely the way to go.Guess I’ll have to try aprs next week! VTFor more on the valley’s lively nightlife write Emily Taylor at intern@vailtrail.com.

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