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So I had the sniffles last week. Try as I might to avoid the germs, the tissues, and the sleepless nights, they found me and hit hard (perhaps I had been gallivanting around a bit too much?) A couple of self-medicating days later, I decided to continue to self-medicate, by swinging by Beaver Creek Chophouse for aprs ski. With heels on (and tissue-pack in the handbag) I concluded that no one would be the wiser.Several escalator rides later, I was at the base of the mountain on the Chophouse’s beautiful ski in/ski out deck, watching the snowcats head up to Beano’s. Inside the Chophouse, I immediately asked for Kiyan, “Man of Magic.” I had heard all about him, and was looking forward to seeing him in action.Well, Kiyan did nothing less than totally impress me. Within the two hours that I was there, he managed to guess the name of my first crush in junior high, make a cigarette float in mid-air, light his wallet on fire, and make my ring end up on his key chain in his back pocket. For some reason, I think he found my blushing entertaining and it took me an entire Hurricane to recover!The Chophouse certainly has something unique going on with Kiyan. His tableside magic entertains children and adults alike as they refuel after a day on the slopes. Owner Brain Nolan told me that he had been looking for a magician for five years for the newly relocated and renovated Beaver Creek Chophouse. With its deep red walls, leather chairs and soft lighting, it’s the perfect place for that aprs drink, delicious steak, and mysterious magic trick. VT– ETFor more on the valley’s lively nightlife write Emily Taylor at intern@vailtrail.com.

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