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With more guests than I could possibly keep track of coming in and out of my life last week, I decided that I was nothing short of the “hostess with the mostess;” a title that I feel I’ve gracefully earned. After rearranging my days to spend some quality time with everyone (in other words, using them as an excuse to get out of work), I managed to spend three full days on the mountain, and three full nights at the bars: in a row.Yes, I’ve very proud of myself.It was certainly not my choice, however. It was simply that I couldn’t let all my friends and family leave the valley without showing them exactly what composed the “mostess” portion of my “hostess” lifestyle.After we frolicked around the Vail mountain on Friday, defining the term “snow bunny” in every turn we took, I decided to gather my group for an enticing cocktail and some relaxing piano music at Mickey’s Bar in the Lodge at Vail.Relaxing it was: Not only were we able to enjoy the dimly lit atmosphere (enhanced by deep stone walls and a crackling fireplace), but we were also able to meet Mickey Poage himself, pianist du jour; or should I say du vingt-neuf annes. Apparently, that’s how you get a world-class resort to name a piano bar after you!After chatting with some fellow cocktail-hourees, and snapping their photos, we were on our way. My guest list that evening was long and Mickey’s was only the first stop of many on a wonderful evening. There’s nothing like a quick stop at a classy piano bar to impress the guests. Between the skiing and the nightlife, and their “hostess with the mostess,” I think all of my guests will be reconsidering where they chose to live next winter. VTFor more on the valley’s lively nightlife write Emily Taylor at intern@vailtrail.com.

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