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Ski boots and high heels. There are no two pairs of shoes I like more and no two pairs I would rather be switching between after a long day on the slopes. So, heels on (yet again), ski boots off, I made my way to aprs hour last week at the King’s Club in the Sonnenalp resort. Now, I’ve been to the bars in Germany and although the Sonnenalp prides itself on its German heritage and sister resort in the region of Oberallgau in Southern Bavaria, this place is no German beer hall (although Southern Bavaria may be no Munich, I have only been to the latter.) Perhaps, though, that’s a good thing I never feel like getting my heels stained by beer anyhow!The King’s Club portrays, perhaps, a different side of Germany. With its fireplace which can be enjoyed on two different sides (in two different rooms) its cozy library, and uptown atmosphere, it can be enjoyed by the aprs ski crowd and the dinner crowd alike. Although my heels were no stranger to its carpeted floors, I was there not to listen to the likes of Don Watson on guitar during the dinner hour, but rather to enjoy the softer piano music aprs performer Chuck Lamb had to offer. In a much more laid-back, quieter scene, I was able to relax and rejuvenate with a German beer (“when in Rome”) and a bowl full of bar snacks.Comforted by the scene, I found myself quite at home here, snapping pictures and chatting with doctors and graphic designers all flocking to our little valley and also to the King’s Club for a beverage. There were no beepers beeping, no cell phones ringing, just us and a bit of relaxation. VTFor more on the valley’s lively nightlife write Emily Taylor at intern@vailtrail.com.

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