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So, last week I had a yard sale. Or, more accurately, two yard sales.Unfortunately I’m not talking about spring cleaning, I’m talking about both skis off, face down, wind-knocked-out-of-you, under the lift, yard sales. I’m talking about people laughing while you hike back up the hill to collect your belongings. And I’m talking about how it happens when your bindings are too lose and a ski decides to pop off whenever it feels like it.There is no better way to drown the post-yard-sale pain than with a delicious cocktail of some sort. So, as I sauntered up Bridge Street later that evening I decided to swing into the Ore House. I needed a bar with a carpet and a martini list. That isn’t asking all that much, now is it?Well, the Ore House, I knew, passed the test, so in I went. Relieved to find a bar stool to rest my bruised ego (and rear), I surveyed the scene and scoped out the drink list. Tempted by the “Ultimate Vail Martini” and then again by the “Snow Bunny” (is this named after me?) I decided to go with the recommendation of bartender Holly McGee. The drink of choice would be the “Holly Bean” her very own concoction of vodka, Frangelico, ginger ale, and a splash of crme de cocoa.With every sip I took, the yard sales seemed further and further away. As I basked in the pleasant atmosphere quiet tables and soft conversations I realized I had hit the Ore House at the exact moment I was looking for, that brief lull between the dinner hour and the late-night crowd. For my bruised ego, it was soothing relief. VTFor more on the valley’s lively nightlife write Emily Taylor at intern@vailtrail.com.

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