Are Vail Valley students motivated? |

Are Vail Valley students motivated?

David Le Vine
Vail, CO Colorado

OK, I’ve read a lot and I’ve seen the statistics, and there can be little doubt that our K-12 students are falling behind those of other countries. But is it the schools, is it the teachers, is it the curriculum – or is it a lack of motivation by too many of the students?

There can be no doubt that a great many students have a desire to excel, are extremely capable and will achieve great results, but far too many do not and will not. And I’m not at all certain that we’re addressing the root cause of the problem as we pour more and more money into school repairs, new teaching techniques, decreasing the size of classes, etc.

As an example: Ours is a relatively affluent community. We have many new schools; I am certain that our teachers and administrators are bright and committed; and yet the academic performance of our students is “average” with far too many dropouts.

If my concerns are valid, then our money and our efforts would be better directed towards increasing parental participation and more individual counseling of the students. I think that we must be certain that both parents and students truly appreciate the many benefits that education provides.

I realize that we already understand this, but would it make a difference if we did even more to make it happen?

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