Are we crazy? |

Are we crazy?

We expected to get a few comments on our endorsement of Beaver Creek Republican Ali Hasan for the House District 56 race. The 26-year-old man has been criticized for his support for a monorail as the solution to Interstate 70 problems (unrealistic!), his comment about taking a celibacy vow during his campaign (inappropriate!) and his relatively short political resume (inexperienced!).

Some called our endorsement irresponsible:

It was imprudent of this paper to endorse a gentleman like Ali Hasan. If there were a better choice of papers in the valley, I expect you would have put more thought into your decision. Even the “endorsement” sounds like you’re unsure of what you’re doing – just rolling the dice with our future ..

That said, though, I like the monorail idea and have for a while, I’ve just always wondered where the people would park who want to take it to Denver, parking’s hard enough now. And is the monorail supposed to go to Downtown Denver? If not, what good would it be, really?


Will Hasan pledge to remain celibate until the monorail is built?


Still others said our endorsement was influenced by the ad campaign Hasan is running in the Vail Daily and on

I am glad to see that two months worth of nonstop ads (paid for with daddy’s money) get you a half-hearted endorsement in the newspaper … $20 says that in privacy in the voting booth, the editorial board ALL vote for (Democrat Christine) Scanlan … The editorial board members are too smart and informed to vote for Hasan, but are pragmatic and realize that in public it’s not wise to bite the hand that feeds them.


And yes, a few “crazy” web commenters even agreed with us.

“Reckless” is supporting a candidate like Scanlan who is blind ot the negative impact of government spending on all taxpayers and our economy … Ali hasan understands this, he respects the constitution and TABOR. Make the only sane choice. Please elect Ali Hasan.


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