Are you planning to vote in the November election? |

Are you planning to vote in the November election?

Dominique Taylor

“Yes, we probably will, primarily because we’re new here and I think it’s important to take part in the process.”

– Tasha Thompson, Edwards

“No, I don’t vote. It’s all basically in neutrality.”

– John Roberts, Edwards

“I will vote because I think it is important that I am able to voice my opinion in this way.”

– Marcy Olson, Edwards

“Yes, absolutely. My vote counts and I want to be an active participant in my


– D.J. Gibson, East Vail

“Of course I will because it is your duty as a citizen of the United States.”

– Muffy Brooks, Edwards

“Yes, because everybody should vote because without voting it degrades the democratic process.”

– Adam Lueck, Edwards

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