Armistead to run for Minturn Town Council |

Armistead to run for Minturn Town Council

Terry Armistead.
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The Minturn election will be April 5. The Vail Daily will be printing each candidate’s answer to a questionnaire in the following days.

There are two candidates running for one, two-year term for mayor:

Hawkeye Flaherty (Wednesday)

Matt Scherr (Wednesday)

There are five candidates running for three, four-year Town Council seats:

Terry Armistead (Thursday)

George Brodin (Thursday)

Harvey Craig (Friday)

Sidney Harrington (Friday)

Johnie Rosenfeld (Friday)

To see candidates answers, visit

Name: Terry Armistead.

Occupation: Full-time mom, ski instructor, musician, volunteer.

How long have you lived in Minturn? 14 years.

Why do you want this job? I believe I can make a difference in this town. I have four kids growing up here and I love this town. I have volunteered for the Minturn Community Fund for six years and organize the Minturn Concert Series. I have gotten a taste for community service and I am hooked. I want to help.

Why are you the best person for the job? I may not be the most experienced person running, but I believe that representing the people of Minturn is the goal and primary duty of a council person. I have been listening to neighbors and believe I can work well with other council members to achieve the needs of our people.

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What’s the most important issue facing the town today? I think you could put 10 Minturn citizens in a room and ask this question and get 10 different answers. To solve all 10 of those issues you need money. Minturn needs revenue so that we can solve each of the issues facing the town. I personally would like to see more police coverage and lower speed limits.

What’s your opinion of the Crave Community Co. land swap proposal? There is no way I would ever give up the public land that is Meadow Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Cross Creek and Martin Creek. That is public land. The public loves that land. I love that land. There are probably other parcels of land that could be developed in this town, but those lands need to be protected. I hope that we can do just that.

In four years, what would you like the town government to have accomplished? The town has gone through many changes in the past 10 years, including losing our police force and full-time town manager to name two. I would like to continue to cultivate the relationship with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to keep order and increase code enforcement in the town.

It would be great to have the sidewalks project south of town in full swing. I would like to lower speed limits through town. I am excited to revisit the master plan and plan Minturn’s future with community involvement. I am excited to increase communication between town government and its citizens so that people feel involved and validated. I know it has been visited before, but rails to trails has always been a dream of mine for Minturn. The railroad land is an untapped gold mine for all sorts of development.

Minturn has the best downtown in the county. It needs to be realized year-round. I would like to see responsible development so that businesses can afford to stay here and we can attract more. I am excited to see the fruition of a training center for Eagle River Fire Protection District. I am interested to see if Crave will develop Battle Mountain.

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