Armstrong’s tour de force: Lance’s Colorado girlfriend pregnant |

Armstrong’s tour de force: Lance’s Colorado girlfriend pregnant

Penny Parker
Rocky Mountain News

Testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong’s Colorado-born girlfriend is pregnant without the help of fertility medical procedures, according to Internet reports.

Anna Hansen, 28, is a Fort Collins native who works for First Descents, a Vail-based non-profit that provides outdoor adventures for young adults fighting cancer. Armstrong, 37, has three other children with his ex-wife by sperm that was frozen prior to his chemotherapy treatments.

Armstrong visited Colorado last year to compete in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. He is currently in training in Austin, Texas, for the 2009 Tour de France bike race under a strict drug testing program. Hansen is reportedly in her second trimester (with the baby due in June) and traveling with the world-class cyclist.

According to the First Descents Web site: “Anna Hansen is a program manager and recruiter for First Descents. As a Colorado native, Anna loves nothing more than being outdoors, and Vail provides the perfect setting for her favorite activities, mountain biking and snowboarding.

“Anna graduated with a degree in biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has been a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, and serves on the board of directors for Camp Wapiyapi, a foundation providing hope and support for families with childhood cancer. Combining her passion for the outdoors with helping those fighting cancer makes First

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