Arrests stalled in Carbondale solar panel theft |

Arrests stalled in Carbondale solar panel theft

John Gardner
Carbondale, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE, Colorado – No arrests have been made in the Carbondale solar panel caper.

According to Police Chief Gene Schilling, the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office requested more information before prosecutors would approve an arrest warrant for a suspect; the suspect’s flat-bed truck was discovered on June 1, allegedly with the 30 stolen solar panels strapped to it.

No name has been released in the case.

“We need more information before the DA’s office is willing to go forward with the warrant,” Schilling said.

He said police are still working the case, but at this point, are waiting to see what information presents itself before proceeding.

“It’s come to a standstill at this point,” Schilling said.

Some 30 photovoltaic solar panels were stolen from the roof of the Carbondale Community Center sometime during the night of May 24 or early morning of May 25. The panels were taken from among 288 installed on the recreation center roof and are valued at about $30,000.

The panels were discovered missing three days after they were taken when an employee of the facility was doing routine maintenance on the climbing wall and noticed some of the panels were gone.

Police allegedly located the stolen panels strapped to the truck in front of an Aspen residence. The panels were recovered, and all but one were reinstalled at the Community Center shortly thereafter, according to Schilling.

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