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‘Art comes from the heart,’ says Eagle County artist

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Jon Sheppard

Vail Daily: What does art mean to you?

Jon Sheppard: Art comes from the heart. It’s how you see things. There are all types of paintings. There are all types of photography and many other forms of art. I see it through the lens of my camera and it comes from the heart, not from the camera.

VD: When did you know you wanted to become an artist?

JS: We are all given gifts from God. I knew as a young child somewhere there was a place for me with arts. In the third grade my classmate showed me how to sketch with a pencil with depth perception. In the first grade I also wanted to be an underwater diver and wanted to do movies. A year after high school I lived in the Virgin Islands and did just that. I took up music in the firth grade being a drummer and ending up playing drums for the country music giants. My background is also television production as a camera man and that lead me into doing photography and photography books. I now have three award winning photography books.

VD: What inspires you to create? What mood do you have to be in?

JS: My mind is always looking for that ‘certain’ shot as I am driving down the road, just being somewhere out and about. My mind is always thinking of new projects, places, people to photograph and things to photograph. I try to keep a positive mental attitude, good self esteem, self confidence and setting goals to go for. I like to dream BIG!

VD: Why did you choose your medium or did it choose you?

JS: I chose this medium from my childhood times. Photos in books just fascinated me. It also chose me.

VD: Describe your style.

JS: Once again I shoot from the heart. I see something that inspires me and off I go. A beautiful mountain/valley scene with the bright azure blue sky and bright, bellowing white clouds. Snow capped mountains with a broad fertile valley and an old ranch and barn in the foreground is one example.

VD: If you could meet any photographer who would it be?

JS: I always want to meet other photographer artists and I always listen to what they have to share. John Fielder did the foreword on my first book. He is a very successful photographer and publisher. He never saw the book ’til it was in print. He was impressed enough to say to me, “Jon I hope you will continue in this endeavor. You can become as big as I am. Anything I can do to help you I will.” Wow! What a wonderful compliment.

VD: Where do you display your work?

JS: My work is displayed here in Avon at the Nest located next to Office Depot and for the month of January at Loaded Joe’s.

For more information visit jonsheppardphotography.com.

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