Art extravaganza in Red Cliff |

Art extravaganza in Red Cliff

Aggie Zaremba

Studios and old Victorian houses of local artists are humming with preparations for the Sixth Annual Studio Tour.

The event kicks off on Saturday and continues through Sunday from 10 a.m-5 p.m.

It’s local artists themselves who decided to organize the tour. Every year, for two days they open up their studios and houses to provide people with a real art experience and promote local talents.

“It takes a lot of courage to expose yourself so much,” said Barb Bomier, one of the artists participating in the event. “But we want to support what we do. The tour not only gives people an opportunity to buy affordable artwork directly from the artist, without a middle man, but also we, the artists, get feedback – it helps us grow.”

Saturday’s exhibit will feature 12 artists. They will show their art in eight locations around Red Cliff.

Like every year, different types of art and various media will be on display, including photography, watercolors, jewellery, pottery, oil paintings, sculpture, hand blown glass and interior art.

Sydney Summers, an artist and co-organizer of the event, is best known for her snow scenes.

“Besides the snow scenes, I am going to show a new series of paintings titled “Under Sea,’ as well as images of a desert and rocks.”

Her whole house and yard will be open to visitors.

“It is a rare opportunity to meet the artists and see how they live and work,” said Summers. “I am going to have wreaths, paintings and pottery displayed in my summertime rustic gallery as well as around the house and yard. Under my deck there will be a jewelry exhibit.”

Bomier and Joan Norris, both plein air painters, like to bring local scenery back to the viewer.

“Plein air creations are very different from those painted from the photograph in the artist’s studio,” said Norris. “Our images of local places, like Red Cliff churches and streets, let the viewer experience the location and situation of weather and light.”

It’s the first time the tour is organized exclusively in Red Cliff.

“It’s a beautiful, scenic drive to get up here,” said Bomier. “Besides, there is a lot of history in Red Cliff since it’s an old mining town. It’s a special place, very authentic – not commercial, like the other side of the world.”

The event will be complimented with fruit, cookies and iced tea served in artists’ studios and houses.

To find the Red Cliff art extravaganza, look for signs and balloons marking the exhibit locations.

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Studio Tour

101 Eagle: Rob Brown, photography

236 Eagle: Sydney Summers, watercolors, wreaths and jewelry

Marjorie Westermann, pottery

104 Water: Don Wilson, sculpture

524 Water: Lin Janson Will, oil paintings

Bob Will, sculpture

159 Monument: Joan Norris, oil paintings

Barb Bomier, oil paintings

289 Monument: Julie Sturt, custom furniture and accents

444 Pine, Gore Range Natural Science School: Kathryn Wheeler, paintings and bas-relief works

David Loughry, paintings and drawings

584 Pine: Stanton Morris, hand-blown glass art

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