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A few years ago a couple of local artists, in search of a way to promote their work, got together and put on a studio tour in the small historical town of Red Cliff.The now annual event is coming up again this year on Aug. 28 29 and will feature 12 local artists at eight locations around Red Cliff.Like much of Red Cliff, the event is small, personal, and certainly unique. With only 12 artists involved, the event allows for more intimate and personal time with the guests. It also allows visitors plenty of time to talk with the artists without feeling rushed to get to the next studio.”It’s just a fun day,” says artist Sydney Summers. “Mango’s (restaurant) has the best fish in the Valley; people can come up and eat lunch and spend the day getting to know their local artists.”Summers helped begin the first tour and is co-coordinating this year’s tour. Her art contains a variety of different mediums including watercolors, wreaths and jewelry. She moved to the valley in 1981 and has been involved in the local art scene since.Local glass blower Stanton Morris said that when people have an interest or fascination with art, coming to the Red Cliff Studio Tour is a good way to explore that interest because they can actually see some of the artists at work and can talk with them in depth about their hobby.Morris’ work is an especially neat display to see because he makes the experience interactive for the viewers by encouraging people to watch him work.”I want them to see what I’m seeing,” he said. “That way they can actually see the motions inside the flames.”While the guests are viewing the work of the artists, they are also able to enjoy seeing the homes of the artists. Co-coordinator Barb Bomier, for example, lives in a home built in 1889.Bomier says the historical background of Red Cliff and its local flavor really makes the tour special.”It is one place where people can find local art from local artists of local scenes.” Apparently many of the artists get their inspiration right there in Red Cliff.Glass blowing, ceramics, watercolors, oil painting, photography, sculpturing and furniture making are all among the mediums that will be presented on the tour.Marjorie Westermann, a local ceramicist, has been on the tour from the beginning. She, too, believes the event is special because it is personal and small. The main thing she stressed was the amount of hard work it takes to put this event on.”The artists really appreciate all the work Barb and Sydney put into the tour,” Westermann said, “It is a huge success because of them.” VTFor more information on the Red Cliff Studio Tour contact Syndney Summers 827-5881. By Bridget Blackwell

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