Art that’s ‘yummie’

Cassie Pence

VAIL – Art has many faces and textures. Firday night at 8150, art will dance around in a furry brown suit.It’s natural Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS) has chosen the Yummies to host its fund-raising party in Vail Village at 9 p.m. Both institutions have similar goals – to encourage growth, wisdom and joy for life.SOS uses snowboarding to achieve its goals. The Yummies uses art and theatrical performance to teach.

Founded by two artists Ray Young Chu and Ben Ildae Lim, the Yummies create art on apparel, skate decks, canvas, videos and on stage with the intentions to uplift. Its theatrical show seeks to evoke the audience to laugh, cry and even hug the ones around them.Chu first started out doing graffiti in the local urban scene. His passion is in the arts, especially in paintings and design. His art is known for being light hearted, gooey and wholesome.Lim is a film student at the University of Colorado in Denver. He also sketches and constructs paper designs. Lim’s Korean roots of simple, natural earthy tones are the main characteristics of his work.

“Don’t Roundhouse Me” kung-fu performer, Donut David and Mascot Mannie (this is where the furry brown suit comes into play) will all make an appearance while Chu and Lim act as emcees. The various characters will perform on stage and will encourage audience participation.DJ Majai and DJ Roots will contribute the music. Majai, who lives in Breckenridge, started Bail Productions in 1999, a promotions company that provides music for resorts and special events. Majai noticed that the music being played at most of these sporting events wasn’t consistent with the tunes that the spectators and athletes actually listened to.”It was obvious the musical format was not chosen by snowboarders, but rather someone outside of the snowboarding industry with only a vague idea of what music these athletes and spectators listen to,” said Majai, who now focuses on bringing the appropriate music to the people.

Entertaining for SOS’ party was an easy decision. Majai likes what the grass-roots nonprofit has done for youth.”SOS is a great organization which allows the community an opportunity to help and work with children. Hopefully, the children involved in the SOS program will see the value in helping others in their adult life,” said Majai.DJ Roots spins hip hop, funk, reggae and dub. The deejay spins in Boulder every Thursday in Boulder at Round Midnight with DJ Mike Thunder.

“I have played at 8150 before and it was a blast. I have also opened up for Sound Tribe Sector Nine, The Roots, The New Deal, The Grey Boy All-Stars, Israel Vibration, The Motet, members of String Cheese along with many others. I am in the process of finishing an album of original beats, and I plan to play some tonight,” said DJ Roots.Party at 8150 in Vail Village starts Friday at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and there is free beer until 10:30 p.m. All proceeds go toward SOS, an organization devoted to helping underprivileged youth through snowboarding.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or cpence@vaildaily.comVail Colorado

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