Artist Carrie Fell returns to Vail for ‘Outside the Lines’ |

Artist Carrie Fell returns to Vail for ‘Outside the Lines’

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VAIL, Colorado – Colorado artist Carrie Fell returns to Children’s Garden of Learning for two days of painting with the students as part of the “Outside the Lines” art show Nov. 17 and 18. In its second year, students and renowned artists work together to create individual and group projects.

“What an incredible experience for our kids, not only to meet Carrie, but also to learn some fun techniques from her and create a little masterpiece that they will always have,” said Jenn Bruno, a parent of one of the children who attends the school.

Fell had such an incredible experience last year at the school that she volunteered to return this year. Trying to create a unique experiece for the kids and also establish an annual fundraiser was a chief motivation for the artist.

“This event not only helps raise money for the school, but also nourishes the creative young minds of the students,” said Rayla Kundolf, manager of Masters Gallery in Vail Village.

The art gallery will host the reception for parents and friends and is one of the contributing sponsors. Fell’s work is on display at the gallery.

Last year preschoolers created individual canvases that were displayed at an art reception at Masters Gallery. The students aged 3-5 were given paint, brushes, sticks and cloths. Fell worked with the kids in groups of eight. While she demonstrated different techniqes that could be used, it was up to the kids to find their own methods.

It’s called “Outside the Lines” for a reason. There are no rules. The kids are encouraged to be creative and paint what they want.

“This event brings the honesty of art to the canvas through the eyes of a child,” Kundoff said.

The toddler classes worked together with Fell to create one large canvas. Last year’s toddler painting was named “Garden Sunshine.” The toddler’s sweeping brushstrokes are mixed with the more precise movements of the artist’s brush. The resulting painting was a beautiful sunflower in the morning sun.

Instead of signatures, the 2-to-3-year-olds placed their handprints on the back of the canvas.

“I don’t know what was better, the amazing painting or the adorable handprints that covered the back of the sunflower,” said Stacey Sapp, another parent.

Last year’s event was a success due to the generosity of the Vail community. Local businesses and individuals donated their time, money and supplies. This year the organizers have seen an increase in awareness and enthusiasm.

“It’s an event that celebrates art and our children,” Bruno said. “What could be better?”

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