Artist Cary Ennis exhibits new work in Beaver Creek |

Artist Cary Ennis exhibits new work in Beaver Creek

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Beaver Creek CO, Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” Oil painter Cary Ennis is in town this weekend for an exhibit at Claggett/Rey Gallery in Vail where she’ll be exhibiting more than 20 new pieces. Visitors can meet the artist at the Meadow Drive gallery from 5 to 7 p.m.

“I think the appeal of Cary Ennis’ work is the fact that as much care and thought goes into the selection of objects and the composition of the still life as the execution of the painting,” said Tom Bassett, the gallery’s director of sales. “Cary’s studio is filled with objects that she has collected over the years which contain an interesting design or surface quality.”

Ennis incorporates meditation and stillness into her life as well as her paintings, creating peaceful images that invite contemplation. Meditation extends to all aspects of the painter’s life and she begins each day in her studio with a moment of introspection. When painting Hopi pots she says, “They evoke a kind of silence “-nothing more needs to be said. They just make you stop and say, ‘Ah.’ Eggs are that way too ” there is nothing to be said, there is a quiet and a stillness. When this stillness happens in painting, that is what I like.”

Arranging a still-life can take minutes or days, and Ennis chooses objects that cradle the soft northern light by which she paints. She stops painting at sundown because sunlight allows her to see truer colors than does studio light.

“She is a master at painting light and the effect it has as it falls on an object,” Bassett said. “Cary’s attention to the importance of surface quality is apparent in her work. You feel the fuzz on the peach or the hard metallic quality of a copper pot, for instance.”

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The clarity, calmness, and reverence for the beauty in everyday objects is what Ennis tries to capture in her work. She wants us to open our eyes to see things differently, and observe the aesthetic beauty of something as simple as an onion or radish. The artist says, “I think that when things are seen simply as they are, then the beauty in them reveals itself.”

Claggett/Rey Gallery is located at 100 East Meadow Drive in Vail. Call 970-476-9350 or visit for more information.

Who: Oil painter Cary Ennis exhibits new work

Where: Claggett/Rey Gallery, 100 E. Meadow Drive, Vail

When: Saturday. Meet the artist from 5 to 7 p.m.

More information: Call 970-476-9350 or visit

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