Artist demonstrates impasto painting in Beaver Creek Saturday |

Artist demonstrates impasto painting in Beaver Creek Saturday

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"Carrier Bike," by Matthew Sievers.

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Who: Artist Matthew Sievers.

Where: Horton Fine Art, Beaver Creek.

When: 3 to 7 p.m. Saturday.

More information: Call 970-949-1660.

BEAVER CREEK — Matthew Sievers artwork is inspired by the joy of experiencing Life and the desire to share this joy with the world. His oil paintings are bright, bold and so colorful, viewers stop any small talk to dive into a world of texture, colors and shapes. See Sievers work in person today from 3 to 7 p.m. at Horton Fine Art Gallery in Beaver Creek. Sievers will also demonstrate his painting technique during that time.

As a young boy, Sievers grew up sketching and drawing under the talented guidance of his accomplished father, Gregory Sievers who exposed him to many varieties of art expression. Later, he formally trained at the Brigham Young University, Idaho and Utah State University, but the deepest impact on his art came from the time spent in his father’s studio. School helped him develop the skills needed for composition and expression, but tracing back through memories the time spent with his father in those early formative years generated a deep passion for the possibility of self-expression through the art form.

“I developed an early passion for expressing myself through art and embraced this gift wholeheartedly. It is my drive in life,” he said.

After opening his own art gallery in Scottsdale, Ariz., Sievers realized that sales were not what created joy in his life. Playing with paintbrushes and palette knives taps into his deepest passion and he decided that the art muse needed his undivided attention.

As an adult artist, Sievers has developed a style that is easily recognizable. He paints vast landscapes on large canvas and viewers find themselves laying in vast fields and forests of towering trees — all colorful, benevolent, embracing and playful.

Play is an important part of life. Sievers, a father of three, is in touch with the playful and joyous, whether he is depicting a field of red poppies, towering trees or a bicycle, the pervasive impression is of absolute delight in the ludic pleasure of play.

“I am an artist who wants to point at the possibility of living life on the light side, enjoying every moment,” he said. “Making a dark corner of a room come alive with color, that moves me.”

Sievers uses a technique called impasto, where layers of thick colors create an almost tri-dimensional feeling and reflect light in a unique way due to the reflective quality of the oil paint used in layers with glazes.

“When people view my work I want them to fell uplifted, to appreciate my perception of beauty around us and for my creation to beautify the space around them,” Sievers said.

For further information, call 970-949-1660.

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