Artist Douglas Aagard paints in Beaver Creek |

Artist Douglas Aagard paints in Beaver Creek

"Sweat Shanty Trail" by Douglas Aagard.
Douglas Aagard | Special to the Daily |

BEAVER CREEK — Utah landscape artist Douglas Aagard will be painting his outstandingly vibrant and textural pieces outside of the Paderewski Fine Art gallery in Beaver Creek. When asked to share his inspiration, Aagard responded, “I spent the summers in Utah working with my grandfather, who was a sheep rancher. I paint a lot of aspens because they remind me of my grandfather and our time spent in the high country.”

Aagard is a self-taught artist. After long days working construction he would come home and paint for hours. As his technique evolved along the way, Aagard has developed a distinctive palette knife technique.

Aagard is now a full-time artist, and has a unique, broader outlook on his art.

“Instead of looking at something and just seeing it as pretty, I start breaking it down into elements,” Aagard said. “When I look at a subject, I focus on light, color and texture. … I want people to feel the moment.”

He has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine’s “Best in the West” and Western Art Collector magazine.

Paderewski Fine Art is located in Beaver Creek, on the Plaza level of the Hyatt, across from the ice rink. Call 970-949-6036 or visit for more information.

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