Artist: Living is inspiration enough |

Artist: Living is inspiration enough

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO, Colorado
AE Brendan Wills, Artist SM 8-3-07

One of Brendan Wills’ ceramic pots equals 40 to 60 hours of work. And when you see them, you’ll understand why. Some of the pots are five-and-a-half feet tall with extremely curvy forms ” there’s not a straight line in sight. They’re decorated with intricate geometric patterns ” circles or line patterns or both.

“I usually do that to accentuate the form and give the eye a little bit of visual movement,” Wills said.

Some days Wills spends 15 hours sitting at his potters wheel, building his pots in sections before firing them in his kilm. He met his goal of having nine pieces ready for this year’s Beaver Creek Art Festival, his second, he said.

Like many artists, Wills’ is struggling to make his passion ” ceramics ” his full time job. He fell in love with pottery when he was 21 years old. “It’s a good challenge and it’s very relaxing,” he said.

Brendan Wills: Art is something I feel, it is not something I think about.

BW: I realized I wanted to have a career as a ceramic artist when I developed the confidence and skills needed to make whatever shape came to mind. It took eight years to develop my skills to the point I was comfortable making refined large-scale vessels, for the past two years I have been pursuing a career as a ceramic artist.

BW: Just living is inspiration enough for me to make artwork. Creating objects is part of who I am. If I am not kayaking or snowboarding, I am either working on my art or thinking about my art.

BW: The potters’ wheel has always fascinated me. The challenge of throwing a well-balanced vase always has motivated me to put the next lump of clay on the potter’s wheel. To this day it is still the same, always trying to mix balance and form to create new, one-of-a-kind vessels.

BW: I make large-scale, one-of-a-kind vessels on the wheel. Each piece is made in sections, which I put together. Form and balance are the most important aspects of my work. I use geometric patterns to enhance the form. Each piece takes between 40 to 60 hours to make.

BW: I have gallery representation through the Vicker’s Collection in Beaver Creek. The majority of my work is sold by word of mouth. I also have a Web site,, where you can view my work.

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