Artist Paul Roberts work on display in Avon |

Artist Paul Roberts work on display in Avon

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Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Paul Roberts"Unfolding Aztek," by Paul Roberts.

Paul Roberts: Sex , drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. No seriously, my art is not about some deep spiritual thought that a lot of artists try to make it. It’s more about just taking an image on some tiny piece of paper and turning it into a large canvas. There’s a real challenge in taking a small sketch and transferring that image to canvas and that challenge alone drives me to create. My art is a practice in imagery, really. Mainly the art is an accomplishment to me, a satisfaction of completion and once I’m done, that’s it, … time to move on.

PR: Art classes in high school. … I had a teacher who really pushed students to be creative, and it allowed the class to really dive into different types of projects. That helped me discover different forms of artwork other than just a piece of paper and pencil. That class sparked something in me that has driven me to constantly want to create artwork. One project I did in that class was a life-sized chicken wire/paper mache of a paintball player. I think I burned it two weeks later for some reason.

PR: Everyday images that stick in my head. Things that I see driving to work, on TV, in a magazine, read in a book. Other artists inspire me to create … sometimes when I haven’t painted in awhile I will see a piece of work and it sends me straight to the studio.

PR: I don’t know ” any mood really. Usually when I have an idea I get very driven to put that down on a canvas.

PR: Impatient Warholesque. I am not a tedious artist by any means. I paint very fast, and that is why I say impatient. I think that style creates a unique brush stroke as well as a different blend of colors because I don’t take the time to wipe my brush off when switching colors so the color I was using before will come out with the new color. In some of my paintings you can see multiple colors in every brush stroke. I am very influenced by Warhol’s context of pop culture. Icons of our culture, movie figures or someone in real life that I am drawn to tend to come out in a lot of my sketches, paintings and graphic design work.

PR: Warhol because he was such a personality in life and the era and place in which he lived brought a lot out of him.

PR: The factory years. I’ve read books about this era, but to actually sit down and get the scoop on what was actually going on in those days would be a treat to say the least. I mean, Warhol talks about meeting Mick Jager, Bob Dylan, etc. before anyone knew who they were. Famous people would just “swing by” for an afternoon of drugs and art. The conversations had to be epic.

PR: Front page of the Star Tribune of the Victory in Japan (WWII). Grandpa gave it to my dad and my dad gave it to me. Second on the list would be a screen print my dad did of Paul McCartney that he eventually gave to me.

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