Artist reflects on reality |

Artist reflects on reality

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Special to the Daily Photographer Bryan Rowe is strongly oriented toward reflections in his picture taking style. Check his work out at Loaded Joe's through the month of April.

Art is a personal expression of one’s creative side.

I’ve always had an interest in photography and found that I could take better pictures than I could draw or paint.

I’m inspired by new places and new experiences, trying to look at the outside world in a slightly different way. A generally upbeat mood helps with creativity.

It chose me because I found it easier to frame something up and take a picture of it than having to recreate it.

Varied focal points and strongly orientated towards reflections.

Thomas Mangelsen (photographer). I would want to talk about how incredibly well he’s marketed himself.

Yes, a friend of mine at university painted this amazing abstract painting that I was absolutely fascinated with. I offered to buy it from him but he gave it to me instead.

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