Artists’ cooperative launches in Gypsum |

Artists’ cooperative launches in Gypsum

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GYPSUM, Colorado – Presentation matters, especially if you’re an artist.

Finding somewhere to present can be problematic.

So, the Art Center in Gypsum is launching an art co-op, a retail space where artists can create, display and sell their one-of-a-kind-creations. Like the creative process it celebrates, it’ll be open seven days a week.

It’s scheduled to open next month.

“They don’t need to be masterpieces, rather an item made with TLC,” says Amy Pates, who runs the co-op and the Art Center, located near Costco.

Pates wants the the co-op to have a fun, earthy, eclectic feel that will encourage people to wander through like they would an art gallery.

The co-op will feature the work of up to 30 artists.

It’ll cost $100 per month. For that $100 artists get a warm and dry space to work, see and be seen.

“It’ll be designed as a retail store, with the perimeter as studio space,” Pates said. “Some artists wanted to have a working studio and the ability to sell their work. Others just want a place to work.”

For $100 a month artists and artisans can join the co-op. You have to submit your work for approval to the co-op board. Once approved, you pay a one-time membership fee of $50 and sign a four-month lease agreement. Your $100 a month lets you display and sell your work and participate in the co-op’s marketing program.

If you sell something, the co-op will take its $100 per month rent but no cut from you. The artist keeps the money when they sell something.

The co-op is open to photographers, sculptors, painters and any other artists.

“I think our timing will be ideal with the holidays coming up,” Pates said. “The community will be able to buy items they cannot find anywhere else.”

To accommodate the vision, the Art Center will be slightly converted. They’ll hold workshops for different crafts and about anything else. Right now, there’s jewelry making and knitting. Carl Lindbloom is doing photo workshops where participants go on a hike and take photos and critique each others work.

Mio Cerkovic is running a plein air clinic, an outside painting class.

There will be gallery previews and special events each month, in addition to a spotlight feature venue on each co-op member.

Pates said it’s an idea whose time has come.

“A number of artists have expressed interest in working studio space,” Pates said. “Here individuals work on site. It will be up to the individuals if they would like to sell their work or just use the creative space for inspiration.”

Artists are required to work one day a month or hire someone to take their spot.

The co-op will also host fundraisers each month where artists interested in sharing booths or organizations can sell their work.

The co-op is not to be confused with the local Artists Alliance, a not-for-profit group trying to facilitate opportunities for local artists. The Artists Alliance sponsored their annual Art Battle last month.

While they’re not organized the same way, their goals are similar said Artists Alliance board member Glen Samuelson.

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