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‘As fun for the audience as it is for the cast’

Bart Garton
Rocky Horror musings
Vail, CO Colorado
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Editor’s note: Edwards resident and Vail Valley Theater Co. cast member Bart Garton is writing a series of “journals” about his experience rehearsing for “The Rocky Horror Show,” showing Friday and Saturday at the old Battle Mountain High School in Eagle-Vail.

Well, I think we may have touched on something here. If you’ve been following this journal, you’ll remember one friend warned me the Vail Valley may not be ready for The Rocky Horror Show. After last weekend’s showing, I am here to tell you that not only is the community ready, they have been starving for this! Holy cow, was it ever a friggin’ blast and complete success. Near capacity crowds of people came in their best cross-dressing fashions, high heels and bunny outfits, to be a part of the spectacle that is The Rocky Horror Show. We sold out of goody bags the first night and had to scramble to assemble more for Saturday. People were out of their seats more than they were sitting. They yelled at totally inappropriate but hilarious times and became part of the cast. They were groped and “de-virginized” by the skulking Phantoms in the lobby before the show. In all, this was a drop dead fantastic production in which everyone involved had the time of their life.

So now the cast and crew are getting back to their real jobs and catching up on everything they pushed back last week to make way for endless rehearsals. The auditorium is being cleaned of confetti, cards and toast crumbs. Our stage manager is tweaking the set, overseeing lighting changes and supervising the rehabilitation of a stubborn and quirky sound system. And the number of goody bags ordered (with all the items needed for audience participation) has been doubled.

Don’t miss the show, because you’ll be giving up a really great, unique experience that many who came last weekend have insisted they’ll repeat this weekend. This is absolutely as much fun for the audience as it is for the cast.

A quick shout out to some undersung heroes of this show: First, the Phantoms! These are perhaps the hardest working bunch on the stage. They are the omnipresent dancing chorus and human set pieces that really make this show fun. They may be in the background but, whoa, what a vibrant background! They’ve had to learn more dance moves and song lyrics than any of the principals. Cheers to you.

And then there’s Kaylee Brennand. Sorry for writing this, Kaylee, but people have to know how much blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into this. Formally our stage manager, she has at one time or another served as our assistant director, stage builder, prop master, lighting technician, audio engineer, psychological counselor, cake baker, cast stand-in, guitar virtuoso procurer, and chief bottle washer. She’s put in at least three times as many hours as any of the rest of the cast and crew. Big cheers to you.

And last, thanks to all the community that has supported this strange journey – the board members of the Vail Valley Theatre Company for all their volunteer work on this and the fantastic audiences that fill our seats and make this a mutually successful extravaganza. Huge cheers to all of you. I hope I’ll be counting YOU as one of those community members after this Halloween weekend! See you at the Frankenstein Castle.

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