Asian Village offers free feng shui workshop in Edwards |

Asian Village offers free feng shui workshop in Edwards

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Classical feng shui practitioner Cynthia Lee Chan will be at Asian Village in The Riverwalk at Edwards discussing “How To Grab Your Chi” today and again on Tuesday during regular store hours.

Asian Village owners Susan Bristol and UnChu Ring have recently had a “tune-up audit” of the store with Chan.

“We want to share Cynthia’s extraordinary knowledge of feng shui with the community,” said Susan Bristol, co-owner of Asian Village.

Since its inception in China in 4000 B.C., feng shui has passed from being a carefully-guarded secret exclusively for the noble and affluent to today’s popularized, mythologized and often misunderstood versions.

Chan brings feng shui back to earth.

“Feng shui teaches us how to use environmental strategies along with cycles of chi and aligned actions to transform our lives and businesses,” Chan said. “It gives us awareness of the power chi has and how to use it for our advantage. It reveals how beautifully interconnected our lives are with our environment and each other, empowering each of us to open up our potential and promote our highest priorities. For me, it makes life’s peaks more meaningful and the inevitable cyclical valleys more purposeful and easier to manage.

“It’s amazing to learn of prominent land developments, high-rise buildings and other successful multi-million dollar projects throughout the world that have been designed and built according to feng shui,” Chan continued.

Examples of the power of feng shui are abound. When Hong Kong was ceded to the British in 1839, feng shui was integrated into its economy to create a financial powerhouse. In 1949 under Mao, feng shui was banished — and we know that his Cultural Revolution was ultimately disastrous for China. Feng shui “audits” are now back as a key part of the country’s burgeoning economy and building boom.

Asian Village is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and located on Main Street at the east end of The Riverwalk at Edwards. Call 970-926-6199 for more information.

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