Ask a Realtor: Is the plan for 55-plus housing in Gypsum good for the valley? |

Ask a Realtor: Is the plan for 55-plus housing in Gypsum good for the valley?

Joan Harned
Joan Harned Ask a Realtor

Dear Joan: I keep hearing rumors about a huge senior medical center and a bunch of tiny homes that are going to be built between Eagle and Gypsum. If this is true, then I am not sure how I feel about this development.

Why are we worrying about seniors when we don’t have enough housing for young families? And I have heard Aspen is doing some rental tiny homes for their employee housing, so is this the plan here? Not sure why we have not heard more if it is true. Can you shed some light on what, if anything is happening? Thanks.

Dear Slightly Confused: In my opinion, what is planned for the 170-acre site south of Costco, located in the town of Gypsum, is a much-needed and exciting project. There is an active adult community planned around a seven-acre lake that will be available to people 55 and older, so this will be a vibrant community, not a medical center.

This project should actually free up hundreds of homes for families in the valley. Let me explain. The 55-and-older homes that will be for sale in this project are planned to be smaller to medium-sized homes, but will have warehouse space available at the entrance to the project for “adult toys,” such as motor homes, boats, all terrain vehicles, snow machines, etc.

“This project should actually free up hundreds of homes for families in the valley.”

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The new patio-style homes are planned to be “lock and leave” so that residents do not have any yard maintenance and can travel at their leisure. This will appeal to many 55-and-older valley residents who have stayed in larger homes because of their need for storage, not because they need a larger home. When these 55-and-older citizens sell and move to this club-like community, their homes will become available throughout the valley.

The 55-and-older population is an extremely fast-growing segment of our population. As millennials delay getting married and then delay having children, or choose not to have children at all, the young family segment of the population has slowed. However, our entire population is either headed toward the age of 55 one day, or is already there, with no choice in that decision.

As to your second bit of erroneous information you acquired, the Mountain Cottages that are planned will be small, but do not qualify as tiny homes, and will be single family homes for purchase. They are planned to start ​at very attractive prices, with no deed restrictions. This will provide the exciting and financially rewarding opportunity of home ownership for all the people who have been stuck renting for so many years.

These smaller homes will be modern, attractive, have small yards, some with garages and will provide all the room needed to enjoy the pride of living in your own home. Watch for the completion of the approval process by the town of Gypsum, and check with your Realtor as more information becomes available.

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